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1 page resume or 2 page CV - the choice is yours

A 1 page resume? Seriously? I’ve been told by multiple HR types that my one and a half page resume which outlines 7 years of experience relevant to the job I am looking for is not long enough and they demand I add entry level call center jobs I did 10+ years ago which has nothing to do with my current career path before they’ll submit it to the hiring manger.

Constructing a Perfect 1 Page Resume

I know I had to say it but blogs are way cooler and a faster way to find out if a person knows what they are talking about than a 1 page resume. As a writer, how can I convince someone that I can actually string 2 sentences together without some kind of portfolio of my work?

Steely 1 page resume - Banning Engineering

The correct length varies between sectors and industries. If you are a developer, stick to a 1 page resume.

Nice article as usual Andrew. To those accounting students reading this article, Andrew is right on point. After having worked in public accounting firm tax departments for 20 years, I can tell you that I have looked at a lot of resumes. I would say that 95% of the people I wanted to hire as a staff had a 1 page resume. Unless you are at the manager level or higher, I see no need for a two page resume.