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If you want to stand out when applying for your dream job then download this easy to customise 2 page resume and 1 page cover letter. This template has a sleek graphic design with a sophisticated layout. It is easy to customise with the ability to change colours, fonts and layouts to suit your individual style. Anything can be deleted and it is simple to remove or add extra pages as needed.

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Hi Linda. I was wondering what the rules are in regards to 2 page resumes. I have always used the rule to stick to 1 page, which means re…

So there I was at this career fair, discussing job opportunities with a senior recruiter for a well-established company. In the middle of our conversation, the recruiter asked for my curriculum vitae (c.v.). I hesitated. Everything that I had been taught up to this point was that companies prefer 1 to 2 page resumes that showcase the non-science skill sets (science skill sets are assumed based on the advanced degree), and that c.v.’s were only for government and academia jobs.