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Since fresh graduates start from the bottom, it’s important for them to utilize every resource they can get their hands on. If they are offered help, it is often wise for them to take it. This is most advisable when they make a fresh graduate resume. If you do research, there are 3 types of resumes. These are:

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Fabulous addition to shed light on the 3 main types of resumes Fox. Another reason to use a “functional” resume is if you have done the same type of job for a long period. For example, if I have been a dental assistant for the last 10 years at three different employers, instead of repeating myself three times in the chronological format, I can just list the main same duties I did in the “Dental Assisting Experience” heading of a functional resume.

3 Types Of Resumes – Best Template Collection

There are 3 types of resumes: