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If you want to have the resume help which stands out from thousands of others, if you are willing to get the employment of your dreams now, if you want to convince the employer that you are the perfect candidate, you must have the perfect resume. The perfect resume written with the help resumes involvement of psychologists, neurolinguists, and market researchers!

How to Write a Perfect Resume – 3 Golden Rules

To create a perfect resume a person should fully understand the basics of resume creation. The first thing to consider is the type of resume that is best suited for the job and one's work experiences. Three common resume types include the chronological resume, the functional resume, and the hybrid resume. A chronological resume is one that is used most frequently. This type of resume lists jobs in reverse chronological order. This means the current or most recent job is listed first. The resume type that focuses more on skill than employment history is the functional resume. With this resume the job seeker places emphasis on his or her accomplishments and skills. People who understand the differences between these resume types are more likely to select the format that will show them in the most favorable light. A functional resume, for example, is better suited for a person who has gaps in his or her work history. A chronological resume, however, is ideal for people who have worked steadily and are moving into a new position without gaps in his or her career. A resume type that allows for more flexibility is the hybrid resume. This style combines both the chronological and functional formats.

Why the need for a perfect Resume?

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With spring recruitment right around the corner, it is imperative to have a perfect resume. Join the BB&T Student Leadership Center as we walk you through how to create a perfect resume. You will be ready to impress at the campus-wide CareerFest on February 25, 2016 after an evening of helpful tips, tricks and industry standards needed for a perfect resume.