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After you’ve picked a resume template it’s time to get down to work on the truly important part: the contents of the resume. A resume designed by the world’s best artist without the right content isn’t any better than no resume at all.

If you need assistance writing your resume, a resume template may be the thing for you.

Our latest resume templates



A stylish single page design with a border around it, ideal for students or graduates.

Professionally laid out two page resume.

One page resume design.

A one page modern looking resume format.

A two page resume design that has room for multiple employer listings.

A two page skills based resume layout (functional design).

Two page resume, with space for up to five employers to be listed.

Simple one page design that focuses on a candidates education and key skills.

Elegant looking two page resume that has room to list in detail two previous employers.

One page skills focused resume.

A one page functional resume focusing on professional abilities rather than work history.

Two page functional resume sample.

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Creative showcase of hand picked resume templates, realized by professional graphic designers.

Determines the resume templatewith the highest number of page sections, and uses that resume templateas the base template for the applicant's session.