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Many students create an academic resume. This is a handy way to ensure you have consistent information across all elements of your application. In addition, it can be attached as supplemental information to your common application and used for scholarship applications.


There is a common misconception that resumes are reserved specifically for people pursuing professional careers in their various industries. While this is one of the most common reasons people generate resumes, there are other reasons to spend the time and effort into creating a similar document. Academic resumes are great resources for both young professionals looking to start their careers or for college and grad students trying to continue their education.

Industry type resume vs. academic resume

Academic Resumes

For a visual idea of how best to format an academic resume you can check out academic resume samples online. There are plenty of sites that can help show you the best ways to format your resume. Typically this style of resume writing does not need to be as formal as a resume listing your work experience. Keep in mind, however, that you should use proper spacing and concise wording to ensure that the information you are presenting is easily read and understood.

A resume is not a lesser class document nor is it less prestigious than a CV or academic resume. Employers have different needs and expectations. Your understanding of your target audience makes a strong case for your ability to adapt well to the needs of your employment aspirations.Your academic resume should not be more than a page. Some students choose to put a photo collage on the back side. Here are some samples of academic resumes: , , and .Your resume will be even stronger if you describe your activities and awards using or .Using a template makes the format and style process of creating an academic resume easy as pie. Finding academic resume templates may be even easier than you ever imagined. You can find them pre-loaded on widely used computer programs. Creating your own academic resume is as simple as filling in your information.Often times, scholarship funds will require their applicants to submit academic resumes for review before selecting individuals. Undergraduate students applying for graduate school can include one of these resumes with their request for admission. Academic resumes are also helpful in the case of recent college graduates who are lacking any considerable work experience; companies will take this information into account in lieu of any formal work experience.