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Beyond functional and chronological resumes, there is something more important to be on the lookout for. That's what one consultant calls an "accomplishment" vs. a "responsibility" resume. The responsibility resume is just that. It emphasizes the job description, saying things like "Managed three account executives; established budgets; developed departmental contests." An accomplishment resume, on the other hand, emphasizes accomplishments and results, such as "Cut costs by 50 percent" or "Met quota every month." Such a resume tells you that the person is an achiever and has the bottom line firmly in line.

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Get letters of recommendation/reference from teachers, employers, and/or other community people with whom you have a relationship. Give your references a print out with pertinent information (your accomplishment resume). Doing this makes writing the recommendation letter easier and it will hit all the important information.

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A variation of the hybrid resume, the accomplishment resume format shows both qualifications and accomplishments. One sequencing frequently used by executives in mobile industries — such as advertising, communications, and publishing — starts with name and contact information, followed by an objective. This is followed by bullet points under headings of qualifications, skills, and accomplishments. The resume concludes with professional experience and education.