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Contact Information:

1. Full name
2. Your permanent addresses
3. Telephone numbers (mobile, landline)
4. Email address

Objective: The purpose of the objective is to make a concise and clear statement about your career expectations, your motivation to get a specific job.

Accountant resume objective may also include a general job title from your field/industry. If you applying for a specific vacancy put it in objective exactly as it was advertised.

The objective may also include your qualifications which you want the employer to see upfront. Those include computer knowledge, experience, education, or other skills such as time management, self organization, communication ,etc. To boost your chances of getting the interview use the same keywords that were used in the job nnouncement. That way you will be speaking ‘the same language’ with the hiring manager.

Summary of Qualifications is usually recommended for experienced professionals. It lists your accomplishment. To make your resume look more attractive use bullet points, while describing the results you achieved in the past.

Example: If your have seven years of experience in accounting. Strong accounting skills with profound knowledge of statistical processes.

Accounting Education should list your educational background in reverse chronological order, i.e. starting from the latest educational institution you attended. It should include:

1. Your degree(s) and majors
2. Dates of attending the institution and graduation (in most cases month and year)
3. Universities you attended
4. Location of universities (city, state if applicable and country)
5. Certificates pertinent to your areas of specialization.

Your accounting skills: Listing those will make your resume look great outstanding.

Accounting Experience: Follow reverse chronology starting with your last job first. Keep focus on your achievements as accountant. Do not include too many details. Leave something for the interview.

Extra-curricular activities: if you have been or currently are a member of any professional organization such as professional association, club, student governments, make sure you have them listed in your resume.

Action verbs: use action verbs to describe your duties and achievements. Avoid passive voice and complex modal constructions.

Keywords: First of all, look for the words that were used in the job announcement and try to include them in your resume and cover letter. Then try to use accounting related words to describe you past accomplishments and experience.

Accounting Resume Objectives - Best Resume Writing Tips

First, an important word of advice. Not every Accountingresume requires an objective statement. In fact, many Accounting resumes would be better served if theybegan with a qualifications summary or profile statement. How to know when to use what? It's a bit nuanced, but inbroad terms, objective statements are most effective on resumes for entry-level job seekers, or for those seeking acareer change. Why? Because in neither case do the job seekers have work histories that suggest anobjective.

Resume Objective - Accounting Resume Objective

Accounting Resume Objective Examples of resume objectives for positions in Accounting or Finance

Here is a question many accounting job hunters ask: Should I compose an accountant resume objective? The answer is only if the statements are employer focused in alignment with your goals. An effective resume objective tells a hiring manager exactly what open position you are applying for and why you are a candidate to see.