Accounts Receivable Resume Example

Before creating an accounts receivable resume, you should keep in mind requirements such managing collections, billing, reconciliation, aged receivables, commissions and order processing functions.

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I am a hard-working professional accountant with extensive knowledge and experience of accounts receivable procedures and policies.

I am an energetic and dedicated team player and I pride myself on my accuracy, professionalism and ability to meet deadlines. I would love nothing better than a stimulating position where I can apply my skills and expertise across different areas of accounting.

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An accounts receivable resume must highlight a candidate’s strong professional history and must use concrete examples of a candidate’s achievements. The accounts receivable department works at the front line in relation to revenue collections, and as such is vitally important to the ongoing health of company cash flows. Due to this, managers pay very keen attention to this department. The bottom line is this: if the accounts receivable department is not doing an effective job, the company risks its own survival.

Accounts payable receivable position in an organization is responsible to manage the incomes and expenses of the organization. They help in regularizing the credit transactions of the organization. They also are responsible to maintain healthy relation with debtors and creditors by projecting a professional, responsible and efficient image of the organization. You are free to adopt this format to make your accounts payable receivable resume for your job application.