The following is an example of a resume entry using the STAR method:

Here is an example of a resume that was literally hijacked and posed on a resume board by someone else. In this case, the resume that was hijacked belongs to me, Kirt Blattenberger. The content shown below is exactly as I copied it off of the WirelessDevNet Career Center website. Here is the URL for the resume if you want to see it for yourself. I don't plan to ask for it to be removed just because is serves as such an excellent example. Thanks to Kelly Painter for finding this!

Can You Show Me an Example of a Resume

The resume on the next page is an example of a resume that should scan perfectly with almost any scanning application. It uses 11-point Arial type and its longest line does not exceed 75 characters.

An example of an Accounting resume

Here is an example of a resume to help you write your own. Personalize it as you wish so it reflects who you are.

Both of the above topics are interesting, so they'll be addressed in this article. We'll start with a discussion of putting together a professional looking resume; one that looks "professional." Later on, we're going to provide an example of a resume that a professional might use in practice.