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The DMN component implemented a distributed architecture to support real-time messaging services between subscribers on networked voice services systems. Each system was composed of a network of up to dozens of UNIX machines, intelligent switches, and several Windows NT servers. The DMN component was implemented using distributed database and application server architectures.

Intern Architect Resume Sample

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Developed preliminary designs for commercial and residential spaces. Prepared working set drawings, specifications, and construction documents. Applied artistic expertise and technical skills to create freehand sketches and color architectural presentations, renderings, and site plans. Selected Accomplishments:

Architects design buildings both residential and commercial which includes skyscrapers, hotels, courtrooms, libraries as well as houses. Architect works for both private and government firms as well as their own private companies too. An architect is responsible for the outlook of both interior and exterior of a building and he combines creativity and practical elements as well as other factors like social, political and religious dimensions. This is a career where you imagine a structure and then see it in real life. Architects design new buildings and refurbish old buildings by extensions and alternations. They may design a single building or a group of buildings which is a part of a mega project. They also design the surroundings and outside locations of a building to make it look more attractive. Unlike site engineers, architects work closely with their clients to make sure that every step they are taking is according to the needs of the client. They work with a team of constructors, engineers, surveyors and draftsmen from the beginning of the project till end to make sure everything is going in the right direction.This architect resume is designed to give you a template on writing your own optimized resume for your job application. Feel free to copy-paste and customize this Sample Architect Resume format as per your needs.