Visiting Artist Lectures/Presentations/Critiques

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11.A. Artist Residencies (or Artist-in-Residence)

An artist resume may include some or all of the following sections, in addition to the standard Education, Experience, Honors and Awards, and Skills sections:

Artist resumes should contain the following:


An artist resume is an absolute necessity for every professional artist. Although an artist bio may contain similar information it is presented in a different format than the artist resume. An artist bio is most often written in the third person and in paragraph form while the resume is not. Generally an artist’s resume is organized by headings that are listed by date with the most recent event first. These headings can be bulleted, bold or underlined so they stand out.

Writing an artist resume requires different material, organization, and formatting than the standard resume does. Depending on the particular job, and the particular field of interest, artist resumes will highlight a number of skills, and include a number of sections, that are not present in a standard resume or academic CV. For this reason, an artist resume may be slightly longer than the standard one-page resume. Keep in mind too that the resumes discussed here relate primarily to positions with commercial galleries, museums, exhibition opportunities, and certain grant applications. Moreover, while its length, up to four pages, is similar to a short curriculum vitae, it is not intended for academic situations. Comments: Depending upon the nature of the presentation, an artist may use any one or a combination of headings, such as: Visiting Artist Lectures, Lectures, Presentations, Panels, Workshops, Critiques, and Guest Lectures. For lectures at conferences, be sure to list the title of your paper or presentation, as well as the title of the session (in italics), title of conference or sponsoring institution, city, and state. Some universities like to see specific dates as well, which should be placed at the end of the entry.For artists considering academic employment in higher education, you will want to create a curriculum vitae. There are several key differences between an artist's academic curriculum vitae and an artist's resume. Primarily, the curriculum vitae is a record of all of your professional activities and is intended for use in academic situations. The artist resume is an abbreviated document that is used in conjunction with a job search outside of academia. Remember too that as your career progresses, you will undoubtedly need to add new categories or make changes in your CV format. So when i try do my artistic resume, I think this item is not for the formal & commercial business. Even I sent this artistic one to the HR Manager, sometime they also give me a good reply and refer me to their Creative Department, and then i have an interview to meet with the Creative Director directly.
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