Here is sample of Bartender Resume created using MS Word,

When you’re job hunting for any job it’s important to have a complete and professional resume to give to your potential employers so they can see all of your skills and abilities up front. The reason this is important is because sometimes even though they won’t hire you right away because they don’t have an open spot, most times employers will hold on to these resumes so that when a spot does open up they already have some possible candidates for the job. They hate doing interviews just as much as you do, so if they can skip that part they will. Here I’m going to teach you how to make a convincing bartender resume for when you are just starting out.

Here are some other experiences you can insert into one of the bartender resume templates:

Never lie on your resume
Chances are, the prospective employer is going to find out one way or another – through the “grapevine” or by your performance. And the end is, inevitably dismissal.
Always use spell check
And always read through it – out loud – to make sure it sounds ok and that there aren’t any errors that the spell check missed.
Read it aloud to a couple of different people. You will gain a different perspective and valuable feedback the more people you read it to.
Make sure it looks professional
Again, this is your one and only chance to shine before actually getting the interview. Take the extra time and effort to format your bartending resume before it leaves your hands.
Stand out from the crowd
Bars and nightclubs get so many resumes that it becomes almost impossible to remember the faces that dropped them off. Make your resume just a bit different than everyone else and it’ll help you stick out from the crowd.

Here is download link for this Bartender Resume,

How to write a bartending resume!!!!

Take a look at this bartending resume sample to give you an idea on how to write your own bartender resume. Keep in mind that formatting might be off depending on what browser you’re using.