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Most students quake in trepidation at the thought of writing a resume. The reason for this apprehension is usually because they have very little work experience to put in such resumes. This should not be a barrier because prospective employers do not really expect students to have very much work experience. Most of them look for other qualities in their interns. Most employers list the qualities they want in their interns when they advertise such openings in their organizations. The best way to write a resume for an internship position is to make a copy of the internship description and lay it next to you while you fill out your resume. Aligning your resume to match the requirements for the internship position will allow a prospective employer to find out if you are a good fit for their organization, just from scanning the first half of your resume. Include all of your volunteer activities and other internship positions, where applicable.

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You don’t want to bore an employer with your resume, but you don’t want to entertain them, either, with photos and other unnecessary details. The best way to write a resume is to think of it like a workout strategy: You want it to be tight and fit with no flab—the flab being items no one reads.

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