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The first time you hear about a business card resume, it can sound like a gimmick, and you should know better than to waste valuable time pursuing gimmicks. That said, business cards are an accepted sales tool the world over, and for a job hunter they're so much less intrusive than carrying around a wad of under your arm.

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Now I’m not going to get you this far and leave you hanging. I’m going to recommend two specific resources to get you to organize your thoughts and get your objectives, goals, dreams, whatever you want to call them down on paper. Only then should you proceed to the next step to write your business card resume and get out there networking.

How to Make a Business Card Resume

Cooper Multipurpose and Multicolor Resume is a Online Business Card Resume to show your skills and work.

If this describes you, hold off just a bit before writing your business card sized resume. If have any doubt about what you want out of your career or your next job, STOP. Commit yourself to figuring out what you want first. Don’t even think about skipping this step. Instead, make it a point to:

I’ve written about the benefits of a business card resume on Career Jockey and have since used the material to give several presentations. Every single time job hunters will come up to me and tell me, “This is valuable information I can can use right away in my job search.”Writing a business card resume is easy…assuming you know what you want. Formatting and printing the card is even easier given the online vendors now available. Again, that’s assuming you know the job and career you want for yourself.So in this articles, I’m starting multi-part series giving the step-by-step on writing yourself a business card resume that will get you networking like a pro and getting the job hunt results you need.[…] far in this series I’ve written Step 1 – Setting a Clear Goal and Step – Getting your Business Card Resume Written . What have we accomplished so […]