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A career objective for resume introductions can be a big timesaver to a recruiter, but it might not help you at all. If your objective line says that you want something other than the available job, you are practically begging for a rejection letter. If a recruiter works for a newspaper and gets a resume from someone whose objective line says that person wants to work for a TV station — it really happens — the recruiter can stop reading immediately.

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Does he differentiate between one's objective in life and the objective stated in the resume? Since Bolles is one career expert who does not think that a resume is a necessity, a statement of career objective specifically for a resume is not even a relevant issue to him.

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Career objective in resume should speak about your qualities and achievements. Also, it should tell what good you can do to the organization if selected for the job. You need to tailor-made the career objective as per the job you are applying for. Do not use a generic objective for all jobs. It may affect the chances for you getting an interview call. Here are some simple tips for writing a career objective for resume: