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I had a wonderful experience with Careers Plus Resumes. The writer I worked with was very knowledgeable and friendly, knew exactly what to do to help me land a job in a tough economy. Everyone has their own opinion, and just because 3 people are upset that they didn’t get what they expected does not mean that it is not a good company to work with. After reading some of the above posts, it seems a few of you were “know-it-alls” and were unwilling to take the advice you paid for. I mean, what do you expect when you pay a company to give you advice to help you land a job people? You got exactly what you paid for, nothing less – except maybe a reality check of your ego and pride. My experience has always been in customer service, I and can tell you first hand that the customer is not always right and they use the internet to defraud companies into getting what they want even if it is not ethical – which appears to be what is going on in this blog. It’s a shame to say the least, and I hope you people can sleep at night knowing that you might have also caused harm to real people, working for a real company who also have mouths to feed just like you!

I would recommend careers plus resume service to anyone. The service was fast and professional.

This company has a long list of credentials to back up their expertise in the field of resume writing, career management, and job search services. We have found no legitimate Careers Plus Resumes complaints as of yet and have discovered that they also have many memberships with reputable industry-related organizations. As part of their membership with the National Resume Writers' Association and Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches, they must agree to accurately and fairly advertise products, services, and business qualifications according to the best business practices and local, state and federal laws while complying with all guidelines in maintaining total client confidentiality. Furthermore, they must commit to learning, exchanging ideas and information, and gaining the expertise to best help each client achieve their personal career goals.

Careers Plus Resumes, LLC is not BBB Accredited.

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I did a search for Careers Plus Resume and found your blog! I had a online chat with a rep today. The guy didn’t like that I called him on his bogus and useless information. He said “thanks for wasting my time” and called me an idiot. I emailed CPR and they emailed back that I was rude, unprofessional, argumentative and badgering. It just cracked me up that the email went back and forth 6 times. I found it humorous so I kept replying. It was fun.