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all of the reviews on here are so FAKE This man is a complete FAKE!!! He said there is no forms to fill out the first thing he did was ask for a form to be filled out.. second it says FREE resume overlook did he no! Third we paid to have 2 resumes done and it said to just call if you had questions we tried calling him FIVE times at least and he qould not answer! Then we get an email saying that he canceled our apt bc we did not follow his instructions when we copied and pasted his OWN website and asked about the no forms policy. He never responded and canceled the appt. So I sent an email after him being RUDE NUMEROUS TIMES!! pasted below and then his response calling names and being a rude BULLY!!!

Thats the reason I sent you copies of your OWN website and you did not respond except with that you had to have my resume or the checklist. Per your website...once again...

Personal Service - No "Forms" to Fill Out!
EASY for you -- no hassles! You just talk to me on the phone. I will do 100% of the writing.
I will spend 1 hour with you on the phone working on your resume.
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No need here! All you need to do is pick up the phone and call me.

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Personal Service - No "Forms" to Fill Out! EASY for you -- no hassles! You just talk to me on the phone. I will do 100% of the writing.

Please re-issue my money back to my card, you have not answered when I called and have already gone against your own website. I am VERY disappointed already and I have just begun. I will find someone else to help me. Please reply back with confirmation of my card NOT being charged due to no services rendered.

Have a wonderful night,


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I have cancelled your resume order.

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