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There is nothing more frustrating than making mistakes on your resume and not knowing about it. In this video, I cover 3 common resume mistakes that you might be making with your resume. Just by changing some of the presentation of your resume you can dramatically improve the overall response rate on your resume.

How to Avoid Common Resume Mistakes: 12 Steps (with Pictures)

For every good resume you see, there are plenty of bad resumes too. Many recruitment and employment professionals find resumes that have plenty of potential, but are let down by the same mistakes again and again. This article provides some of the most common resume mistakes that job seekers make.

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6 Common Resume Mistakes - The Employment Guide, LLC

One of the most common resume mistakes I have seen is when candidates list skills they don’t actually have. Remember: anything that is listed on your resume is fair game for an interview. Candidates should be cautious to list skills or acronyms when they really have no understanding of or experience with that skill or technology.

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