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The skilled computer programmer resume template should be written and completed by an individual who typically has anywhere from two (2) to five (5) years of experience in their specific language or code. The document should provide a brief description of your past experiences and education in the programming skill you have including educational, internship, […]

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As I mentioned earlier, take the next step and make sure that each of the write-ups in your experience history (your job summaries) include these details as well. When I get into a detailed computer programmer resume review, one of the first things I do is map the summary to the details. I want to see where and when you had the experience I am seeking for the computer programmer job. If it is not there in the details, I typically assume you don’t have it, regardless of what your summary says. This is why it is so important for you to pay attention to these details because, as a reviewer, I most certainly do. The job summaries are key to getting past the initial resume screening. Take time to make sure the details line up with what you said in your experience summary and technical skills list.

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When a computer programmer resume reviewer determines you have experience with the required technologies, they are going to next try to determine how much experience you have with the required technical skills. Remember again that your job is to make this easy for the reviewer which in turn will improve your chances of passing the resume screening. Reviewers don’t spend a lot of time on individual resumes. If it is too difficult for the reviewer to determine if you meet the requirements, chances are they will just move on to the next candidate.