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This is an example of a Construction Manager resume sample which shows that Elaine was originally looking for a position in construction project management, and with the resume she created did not get any Construction Manager job interviews.

Remember the following general things while preparing a Construction Foreman resume.

Are you wondering what I did to this construction superintendent’s resume that resulted in grabbing the attention of the same key decision makers that had let his original resume slip by them just a few months prior? Here are some key steps I took that you can use too (and by the way – these tips are applicable no matter if you are writing a senior/executive construction resume, mid-level management construction resume or entry-level/new grad construction resume):

Points for Drafting a Construction Resume:

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The resume of the construction builder reflects their work experience and can be quite important for finding a new job. Therefore, a construction sample resume can help you create the best resume that will be highly informational and well-ordered. It should talk about your previous job duties that could be related to construction management, on-site supervision, proposal development, and a lot more.

Every well-written construction resume should include several things. First of all, there should be contact information for you. This includes full name, e-mail address, active telephone number, permanent and campus addresses.View online Construction Resumes and Profiles at no charge from construction job seekers who seek employment opportunities from construction employers.
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