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Use this free sales consultants position resume example to edit it according to your needs.

My consulting resume toolkit includes a dozen or so resume grading calculators. You can find the link somewhere on the website, probably at the top.

Sample Management Consulting Resume

Different Consulting Resumes

Finding a consulting position can be easier than you might imagine. The best way to secure great clients interested in your consulting services is to create a consulting resume that explains your skills and abilities in a way that convinces potential clients you are the best candidate for the position. Make sure that you are spending an appropriate amount of time and effort to create the perfect resume that can highlight what you can bring to a client in a consulting capacity. Your resume is the first impression that a client will get about your consulting business, it needs to adequately represent your professional services.

My consulting resume toolkit has a resume scoring calculator to estimate the likelihood of your resume getting an interview. For networking advice, do a search on the site for “networking” and “non-target school” as there are several success stories from others that you can learn from.While you should include your degrees and institutions on any resume, listing your specific GPA generally isn’t advised. But on the consulting resume, it’s a must. In fact, it is standard practice to include your cumulative grade point average (not past semester or past two years) and class ranking if available.A perfect consulting resume should directly speak to consulting people. It should be written in a consulting-like tone and should highlight skill sets which are relevant to consulting. In order to nail it, you should (1) understand the management consulting industry and (2) have someone in the industry give you their feedback. (see that you can and should include in your resume)While it’s always important not to be long-winded (that 8.5x11” sheet of paper may only be reviewed for a couple minutes, if that), it’s extra important on a consulting resume. Crafting short, compelling bullet points shows that you’re able to weed through a lot of information (your experiences and accomplishments) to pull out the most important tidbits, that you can quickly and clearly communicate, and that you’re able to make an effective and compelling case. If you can do it for yourself, you can certainly do it for client work!