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Cool resumes, huh? Typically designers create their resume for print. Other designers create long, vertical resumes exclusively for viewing online. However I believe it's essential for a resume to be print friendly (on a single sheet). Most, if not all, potential employers would want to print out your resume for reference - or expect you to bring a copy for them.

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2. What is the most effective way to get in the room? I wish the answer was “send a super-sweet resume.” The answer is networking and concept-based self-promotion. Sadly, these terms come up a total of four times, FOUR TIMES, in 133 comments. Maybe because it’s so hard and nobody wants to pour water on the lovefest for bitchin cool resumes.

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The latest find in the escalating arms race of cool resumes comes from the . Let's call it the timeline infographic of your life:

Creative and cool looking resumes, but the majority of these are way over the top. Resumes should be simple and the content should be easy to digest. These would get passed up by majority of employers looking to hire.