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Huh, and I thought skills, experience, talent, and intelligence mattered. I guess they don’t. How many extremely talented people did you pass over because they made the horrifying mistake of not naming their resume to your petty standards? Or not bringing a copy of a resume THAT THEY ALREADY SENT YOU and YOU have the responsibility to bring to the interview. If you don’t bring the resume that you have already been sent, then you are unprepared and it is embarrassing for you. Everyone else out there hiring people has their own unique set of silly quirks and job seekers cannot be expected to meet every one. If you are basing your hiring on these minor points, then you fail. And your business will fail if you don’t look past the fluff and into the substance. It’s ironic that if someone applied rules like these to your writing then you would absolutely fail as a writer. Your grammar is awful and you’ve been corrected multiple times already. And begging to promote your article on social networking sites? Hah, that is very poor form. Try holding yourself up to the same standards you hold others to.

What is a soft copy of a resume

QuestionResumes are primarily submitted electronically via websites or e-mail. Could I help set my resume apart by submitting an electronic version and a duplicate hard copy enclosed in a presentation folder through the mail? Or, do resumes that arrive through postal mail seldom arrive in the hands of the appropriate hiring manager or have no additional impact at all?

AnswerI would always suggest checking a company’s website prior to submitting your resume or making a call to ensure that you have the correct contact for your needs – for example the VP of Marketing or the HR Manager. Nothing is more impactful then a clear, concise resume sent directly into somebody’s Inbox. It is questionable in this technological age as to how impactful a hard copy of a resume really is. If your resume impresses a Hiring Manager or Account Manager in a recruitment firm, then they will want to be able to circulate your details to potential employers. At Aquent we suggest keeping your resume to two pages wherever possible, in digital format, and highlighting relevant experience and brands along with profession certification and higher education where applicable. Perhaps keep the hard copy in the presentation folder for the day of your interview!

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I've heard that it's very important to have a hard copy of a resume available when attending career fairs and when presenting yourself to potential bosses that you haven't sent one to. I would imagine that older bosses see bringing a printed resume as a sign of preparation and conscientiousness, but perhaps younger people, bosses included, see it as unnecessary redundancy.