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If you observe the layout of the courtesy clerk resume sample shown below, you'll notice that the employment history lacks the details of previous job descriptions. This is because, they have been summarized into one short section called the Executive Summary. Comprising of upto eight points, this section illustrates your total experience with utmost efficiency, facilitating a quick, easy, and a highly informative read. The summary features effectively constructed sentences, which facilitates the clubbing of two or more details for optimized space planning and usage, and thus enhances the productivity of your resume. This is one act of customization that is known for its benefits.

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The job description for a courtesy clerk can vary greatly depending on the size and scope of a company. In small grocery stores, courtesy clerks often perform a wide range of duties. In addition to bagging groceries, they may assist customers by directing them to items, informing them of sales and coupon offers, and offering to take special orders for out-of-stock items. Clerks frequently offer to carry customers' purchases to their vehicles. In many stores, courtesy clerks are responsible for cleaning the floors, shelves, cash register area, and parking lot at the end of their shifts.

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Sample Courtesy Clerk Resume - Resume Samples

A Safeway courtesy clerk resume indicates your experience within the Safeway supermarket organization, highlighting your proficiency in offering superior quality customer service, and your ability to perform all associated clerical or administrative functions, which includes packing merchandise, keeping the checkout area clean, assisting needy customers to get their shopping cart to the parking area etc. As a jobseeker, your primordial intention while designing your application should be to establish a strong connection between your interests and the needs of the employer. The purpose of a job application is to bridge the gap between your need for an employment, and the employer's need for a potential candidate who would prove to be beneficial for the company's progress. Therefore, it is essential that your application be employer-centered.