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The online workshop is designed to assist our students and alumni in creating a professional resume. Our guidelines have been developed through input from employers who attend our job fairs and recruit through our office, as well as by staff research into the latest trends in resume preparation.

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Shoot For A One Page Resume
Here are a couple simple tips that go a long way in creating a professional resume. First, use the same verb tense in the entire resume. This makes the paragraphs flow easily. Secondly, resumes usually take up 1-2 pages. This makes it easy to read for the potential company hiring you. They want to know about you as easy and quick as possible. So you need to catch their eye quick!

How to Create a Professional Resume

So join my course now, if you want to learn how to create a professionally looking Resume in PowerPoint and have fun in the process! :)

The right resume can open doors for your career. However, creating a professional resume on your own is not always easy. This is why we offer an online resume preparation tool. Using this tool, you can easily create an informative resume that looks clean and modern. Our tool is user-intuitive, so virtually anyone can create a resume for their dream job or position.

Create a professional resume. Learn how to write a professional resume in Word 2010. In this video I'll show you step-by-step how you can write a professional resume from scratch in Word. For more busines prouctivity advice go to Are you creating a professional resume from scratch? Writing a resume is not that hard, but it does take a little time. Competition for jobs is fierce and you have to present your credentials in the most favorable light, so spend the time it takes to create an excellent resume. It will serve you well now and in the future when you need to add to it.In this series of seven class sessions, students will work through the process of creating a professional resume. With a special emphasis on helping students learn about resumes as professional documents, this lesson will discuss why writers create resumes, why they must consider the rhetorical situation of the resume, and why both content and presentation are so important in this type of writing. Students will analyze and critique existing resumes, create their own resume and tailor it to a real job posting, peer review resumes for content and presentation, and then present their resumes as professional documents to the class.One service that can be very helpful in creating a professional resume is an online resume builder. A resume builder allows you to obtain job-specific keywords and resume phrases from professional writers. This tool will save you the hassle of dealing with a word processing program and will produce a resume tailored to your specific needs. The resume building tool’s main feature is ease of use, and it takes just minutes. No previous writing experience is necessary, and you can then access your information even when you’re not at your own computer because it is stored online. Whether you are updating or this is your first resume, a resume building service can be an invaluable asset if you are seeking a job in your present career field or trying to acquire a new career.