12 Free Creative Resume CV Templates

We have selected 15 Free Creative Resume Templates to show your qualification, experience, talent and personal information in a professional way. These simple, cool and classic resume samples will be very helpful to you in creating your own.

The Creative Resume Service will help to single you out from the crowd. It includes:

You may think that creating a resume is an easy task, but the real question is if it can draw much-needed attention. Even if you have all the required skills and credentials, chances are you’ll miss landing a job opportunity if you have a boring and monotonous document that looks like the rest. Employers usually allot a few seconds for every resume as they need to filter through many copies daily. That’s a very short timeframe for you to present yourself, and if you fail to impress them then your CV may end up in the pile of documents waiting to be fed to the paper shredder.

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20 Best Creative Resume Templates examples

We have gathered an extensive collection of layouts and themes that can be used for various job positions. These templates are sure to improve the overall quality and presentation of your resume and give you a competitive edge. Creating and designing your own resume has never been easier. Download our creative resume templates and you will have a professionally designed CV in no time!