10 Steps in Creating A Damn Good Resume

A damn good resume doesn’t get built in a flash let alone by just anyone. Even if you are really good with words you might find this task one that will make you sweat. Fortunately, help is just around the corner. The Internet is the best place to find professional writers but the problem is choosing which one to hire for your . If you want to get the best help there is, just turn to us and we’ll help you out.

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I teach job search strategies workshops at the local employment centre and I always suggest that my participants read your "Damn Good Resume Guide". It is written for real people looking for real jobs. It's a great resource.

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Tarrant County Junior College, Fort Worth, TX presently enrolled in night classes in computer business administration.From The Damn Good Resume Guide by Yana Parker

For hundreds of thousands of job seekers, The Damn Good Resume Guide has been the go-to resource for writing and refining their resumes to damn near perfection. Filled with savvy advice and written in a straightforward, user-friendly style, The Damn Good Resume Guide will help you zero in on that dream job, then craft a winning resume that gets your foot in the door.NOTE: A Damn Good Resume can be chronological, functional, or a hybrid of the two, because regardless of the format, it focuses on a clear job objective and then emphasizes your work/life accomplishments to clearly show your unique value to an employer. In Step 3, we’ll talk more about each format, to help you make the best decision for YOUR resume.