A director software development resume of Mark K. Minadeo is provided below. Refer to this resume template to identify the professional methods of formatting a resume and imbibe them in your resume. Resume commences with an introduction of the candidate's career. It traces the long work experience in few sentences and lists out the core competencies of the candidate. Professional experiences are noted in paragraphs. All work areas are categorized into sub headings. For each sub heading, candidate has written the work accomplishments. This section is elaborated into multiple sub headings, emphasizing on the importance of the candidate's role in the organization. Education and training details convey the qualifications of the candidate. On the other hand, the next section jots down the list of the technical competencies of the candidate. This resume does a successful job of presenting vital career details comprehensively. Hence, make sure your resume too, presents your profile impressively and enhances your chances of getting an opportunity for an interview.

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Refer to the given director of community development resume to structure your resume in an eye catching format. Candidate's executive profile is described at the start of the resume. This description is made of a career summary and a list of key skills. The candidate follows all requisites of a typical reverse chronological resume. Hence, the work experience section is elaborated into details relating to every organization the candidate has worked for. It gives details of the designation, organization's name, work tenure and responsibilities. This section is well structured and gives a clear idea about the work done by the candidate. Educations details have been presented last to end the resume. Every vital career detail is neatly presented and is easy for the reader to navigate. This is an ideal presentation of a career profile on a resume. Hence, job seekers are free to use this template and draft their resume based on this format.