Sample Entry Level Accounting Resume Template

Most often an entry level accounting resume would be submitted by a job candidate who is a recent graduate from college, or an accounting clerk wishing to gain employment working under certified accountants. However, there are also times when accountants with experience wish to change places of employment, and would then utilize an entry level accounting resume to get in on the ground level with a new firm or corporation. This type of resume is in chronological format and should only be one page in length, two at the most.

Entry Level Accounting Resume – Objective Statement

This sample entry level accounting resume clearly presents the skills and strengths of the job candidate looking to enter the accounting profession.

Entry Level Accounting Resume – Qualification and Skills

Professional Experience for an Entry Level Accounting Resume

An entry level accounting resume is the first step in gaining employment in the field. Because there may be dozens of applicants contending for one or two positions, it is vitally important to submit the best resume possible that is crafted to market your skills, experience, and education. There are entry level accounting resume samples online which provide a great place to start when seeking to understand how to write an effective resume.