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Our professional resume writing service helps you market your skills to your dream employer. An eye catching resume not only lands you that job interview, it will boost your confidence and give you a solid foot on your interview. ECR is unique because it not only creates dynamic resumes for print and e-mail, but also provides an interactive new and Web resume. Job seekers increase their chances of standing out from the competition by 90%.

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Eye Catching Resumes (ECR) has launched a massive people focused campaign to help individuals improve their chances of landing their dream job by stepping out of the mediocre and putting a fresh and compelling foot forward. Today's competitive job market demands flexibility and creativity from job seekers. They must be exceptional, able and ready to respond to the demands of employers and recruiters and find a way to stand out amongst hundreds of resumes. Sadly, most resumes today sound alike and have the same "buzz" words that can potentially do more harm than good.

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"If I don't know you, how can I represent you?" asks Sophia Crooks CEO Eye Catching Resumes. "We invest the time necessary to know our clients. Our interviews aren't just another series of typical questions that result in the same answers. Every client is unique, though past employment and job descriptions may be similar; it's character and personality that separates the dimes from the pennies."