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In other words, Jane is a perfect candidate for a functional resume, and you can see in the functional resume example below, that’s exactly what she’s opted for.

This functional resume example will help you produce your own resume.

Accomplished skills you have studied for, will sometimes overtake theexperienced candidates in a job selection process by the employer. Aperson who has recently graduated will benefit by using thesefunctional resume examples format. Even though you have no experience,the employer will see you are specifically trained with great knowledgeto start this position the employer is offering.

Good luck with our functional resume example.

Jane Jobseeker: functional resume example

There are many different kinds of out there; in this economy, your resume needs to stand out. One of the newest types of resumes, the , can be tricky to write, particularly if you have never seen a functional resume before. Our have put together a functional resume example to help you land that dream job. Good luck!