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If you’d prefer a happy ending by landing a job interview, then it pays to become a skilled writer and learn to construct your cover letter right! Write? To do this, it’s best to have a job description ready so you can . It’s also a good idea to attack your cover letter after writing your resume since the major cover points can be excerpted easily. Going over the is a great way to get going if you’ve got resume writer’s block. Promise.

Anyone using a MCE remote and got resume from sleep/standby to working?

I am trying to get Wake-on-LAN (WoL) to work on my desktop. It has an Asus P6T Deluxe v2 motherboard and I have successfully enabled the WoL option within the BIOS power management [1]. The desktop is currently configured as a dual boot of Windows 7 and Arch Linux. On Windows 7 I am able to boot using WoL, but on my Arch Linux I only got resume to work using WoL. I followed the instructions on the Arch Linux wiki page about WoL [2]. What do I have to configure on Linux to make it possible to boot using WoL as well?

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