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You can find my suggested MBA, LL.M., or other graduate school admissions resume template on Google docs and on Scribd . Many of my clients have found this template to be a very effective basis for making a successful graduate school application resume. It is especially designed for providing a balanced (academic, professional, everything else) perspective on the applicant, which, is especially important in the case of resumes for business school.

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A graduate school application resume or (commonly referred to as a CV) focuses on your experience and may provide the admissions committee with more information than what is included in the application. The graduate school , emphasizes professional qualifications, research, projects, performances, papers, publications, and presentations, related to your particular area of interest, as well as work and volunteer experience. A graduate school application resume or cv is typically longer than a job search resume.

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the main difference between a graduate school application resume and a resume for a job is the emphasis on academic accomplishments.