What is a Graduate School Resume?

Applying to graduate school is more than just taking the ! Don’t just submit a copy of your . Writing a good graduate school resume is an important factor to getting in.

A graduate school resume is different from one designed to get you a job interview.

The layout and order of your resume should be determined by what you want to emphasize to the admissions committee. The most important and relevant experiences should be at the top, while the least are at the bottom. Imagine if the committee was crunched for time and can only discuss the top two‐thirds of your resume. Organize accordingly. If you are not sure how to arrange the layout, use Examples #1 and 2 (included). Below is a basic order for a graduate school resume.

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A graduate school resume is a document that accompanies your entrance application to a college/university. It provides the admissions committee with more information than what’s included in the application and focuses on what they need to know to better evaluate your candidacy. This resume is different than the job search resume. Job search resumes are designed to get you an interview; graduate school resumes are designed to enhance your application to a school and provide yet another opportunity to sell yourself.

Prepare your graduate school resume (some call it a graduate school CV) once you've decided to expand your knowledge and skills by earning a Master's Degree or PhD. This is a key part of the grad school application process; it is not the same type of resume used for job applications. The school will want to make sure that you can handle the advanced lessons and courses. Your graduate school resume, or CV, helps make your case for you.

What Is A Grad School Resume?

A graduate school resume is important when you send in your entrance application to a college or university grad program. The grad school resume allows you to provide the admissions committee with more information than you furnish in the application. It also puts the focus on exactly what the admissions committee needs to know. It is designed to enhance your application, whereas a job search resume’s main goal is to get you a job interview.

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