Scanners and OCR software are constantly improving, so the newest high-end hardware and software may have little trouble with typical resumes. The problem is that many organizations are still using older equipment, and you have no way of knowing who is state-of-the-art and who is not. What this means is that to get through the OCR door, the great looking resumes that people create with their computers and laser printers need modification.

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eLance is a joke if you’re a real programmer. There are always people with great looking resumes posting ridiculously low bids so unless you’re willing to give yourself away for free don’t bother.

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Many good applicants are missed because of ineffective resumes, and many poor applicants are interviewed because of great looking resumes. Evaluating resumes is time consuming and is often ineffective. The following resume evaluation tips are a small sample of the techniques that have proven to be useful at PrideStaff Financial. or complete the to locate experienced and pre-screened financial, accounting or bookkeeping professionals.

"Christian and his team provided me with the support I needed to be able to land a great job just a few months out of college. Julie creates great looking resumes and Christian has first-hand experience as a recruiter which allows you to get an insider’s perspective as to what is going on in the head of the hiring manager during the employment process. Without their help I would not have had the confidence to excel during the interviewing process and eventually get offered the exact position I desired."
Richie, Phoenix, AZ - September 22, 2011