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When you hire Pinnacle Plus Resumes the main priority is not only to provide you with a resume that is highly distinctive, creative and targeted to the job opportunities that you are specifically looking for, but a simplicity of process. An important goal is to eliminate all of your hassles of thinking about how to construct a resume and what it may take to create the “right” resume.

Follow this simple guide to learn how to construct a resume from scratch:

try maintenance....anything to build your resume...your not going to be paid well at all if you start at 12 per your doing good it took me 23 to make 25.
also something people do not know how to do and something that should be tought...NETWORKING.....get your name out there, get to know people in the field..sending out resumes to anyone and everyone is not the way in reality.. knowing someone who will get you that interview is key. people you network with will keep you in the loop with jobs they have herd about and you will stand a much better chance. you do not want to be just a number or a resume amoung thousands on HR's desk.
also as any field that you happen to get into today.. continuing your is key... you see something you may have interest in at a local ,, take it,, that fills in your Education section of your resume..
another thing that i feel trade schools fail at are teaching students in their last your how to construct a resume.. and how to interview..when i was in university one of my final test in my class was a mock interview...had to submit a resume and a job listing.. and schedual an interview with student resources where a trained professional conducted an interview with you over the phone.. as i recall mine was almost 2 hours, and you where graded and he told you what you did wrong or said that hurt not helped you,, this is very helpfull trust me..
also when your in an interview and they say you will "Hear from us" ask them WHEN you can expect to hear from them.. if you left that open.. it could be between today and the end of the world. if you do not know something dont BS through it, tell them i do not know the system but i am eger to learn it.
Also go to places such as United or Johnstone and put up on their board your looking for work in /R.. but im telling you.. networking is the key.

How To Construct A Resume - Learn How To Construct A Resume

Learn how to construct a resume that will catch the busy bar owners attention and land you an interview.

Career counselors are more likely to use standardized measures (such as tests of interest, aptitude, and interpersonal style) to help you zero in on a well-matched field of endeavor. A counselor might help you consider variables such as optimal work environment, degree of creativity, desired/required income level, proportion of job devoted to tasks such as writing, customer contact, etc. There may be an educative element to counseling, such as learning how to construct a resume or cover letter that targets a specific type of position. Many career counselors have a master’s degree in counseling from an accredited university.