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A 120-hour paid summer internship, AltaMed’s Youth Employment Program offers structured work opportunities at AltaMed’s various sites while emphasizing real-world labor expectations. The key purpose of this program is to provide young adults with opportunities for career instruction, financial literacy training, and social growth. A true educational experience, participants learn how to create an effective resume, how to dress for an interview, how to conduct themselves in a professional manner, and how to make the most of their translatable skills. AltaMed’s Youth Employment Program provides participants with the commitment, skills and attitude necessary to succeed in today’s world of work.

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Job search doesn’t have to be frustrating – get resume help and information so you can learn how to create an effective resume for 2015’s job market.


How to create an effective resume for high school students

Having a great resume is an important piece of your overall career development and personal branding strategy. Unfortunately, many people get overwhelmed before they even get started. The result is poorly written resumes that don't get much attention or serve their purpose. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to create an effective resume or improve the one you already have.

Yes, we can! In fact, we offer 2 different workshops that can help you: “How to Create an Effective Resume” is a day long session which is delivered in a group environment and “Resume Reviews” which are half hour sessions conducted one-on-one with our staff members. You may also choose to work on your Resume with one of our knowledgeable staff in the Resource and Information Services Centre at your own pace.Resume, interview and work readiness workshops - Attend one of our many workshops to learn how to create an effective resume, practice your interview skills, build your confidence, and learn what employers expect for you in the workplace.