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When working at home, it is important for employers to notice you. One way to do this is to post a resume online.Knowing how and where to post a resume is just as important as how towrite it in the first place. It doesn't do much good to have a greatlooking resume, if no employers see it. When posting a resume online,consider where to post your resume, how to get your resume noticed, andhow to format your resume so employers can view it.

How To Get Your Resume Noticed In The Blink Of An Eye

Whether you’re actively looking for a new job or getting yourself ready just in case; you wonder how to get your resume noticed in today’s competitive environment. Right?

How to Get Your Resume Noticed Online | eHow

We asked career experts to give advice on how to get your resume noticed.

- "How To Get Your Resume Noticed" is the topic of this episode of "The Jim Stroud Show." Jim practices his new hobby then, answers a question from a fan - How do you get your resume seen by recruiters after you apply for a job? Jim advises using a web app that he recently discovered - JobScan. It compares the keywords of the job description with the keywords in your resume and estimates how well they match each other.


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