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How to Name Your Resume: Choose a Resume Title That Works for You
Your resume title is the first thing hiring managers will see when they are searching candidates.
The best resume title will use key experiences, qualifications, or the job title. It should include your resume objective, your strongest qualifications. The resume title becomes searchable in online employment databases. An example of a good resume title would be “Results Driven Marketing Manager.”

How to Name Your Resume on Monster

That shows they just don't care to read what testing you did or what kind of software you know and which C plus you did and where? And you people start naming like Goats.. because some one did. I uploaded my blog in May this year and for 3 months all the visitors ( daily 20 maximum) who visit my blog searched the google with " How to name your resume" or "naming CS engineer resume" - Though I never explained any thing there, I just used this "naming resume" in category. So one has to understand the depth of goat mentality in India.

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how to name your resume and cover letter

Robert always has fun information… I clicked on his “proof” link, which goes to a great post on how to name your resume, as well as 9 ways to NOT name your resume.