Here is an example of a hybrid resume.

These hybrid resume can quickly and clearly highlight your specific skill sets and accomplishments to your advantage. Your work related assets stand out and catch the eye of the interviewer in this type of resume.

Here is an example of a hybrid resume.

A hybrid resume worked well for Paul Shupbach (page 123) and David Goldman (page 124). The format enabled them to go into much more detail about their work experience than they could have done with any other format. Their job narratives also add important information.

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A combination resume, also sometimes called a hybrid resume, contains elements of both a functional and chronological resume. A combination resume is best used by those who want to draw attention to specific skills or proficiencies while still providing detailed information about their employment history. Like a functional resume, a combination resume often lists and describes skill sets; like a chronological resume, a combination resume provides a detailed account of someone’s job history in reverse-chronological order.

The hybrid resume gives the best of both possible worlds because it presents work history in chronological order AFTER a strong introduction that allows you to highlight your skills and key selling points. In my opinion, the best resume format is the hybrid resume, because it allows you to effectively position yourself while still showing a straightforward accounting of your work history in chronological format. But no matter what structure you decide upon, good design is key because that can be the deciding factor between your resume being read, or ignored.To create a hybrid resume, start with an introduction that shows employers exactly what you bring to the table, then detail your work chronology, focusing mainly on your accomplishments. The hybrid resume is a combination of the reverse chronological resume and functional resume formats. The hybrid satisfies demands for timelines and showcases your marketable skills and impressive accomplishments. Many people find the hybrid resume to be the most attractive of all formats.