I have attached my resume for your consideration.

I used the resume-writing services (Peter Newfield and Jeannie Oscarson) � and even though I am not looking for a job � and even though I pride myself in being a slightly above-average writer...

I found the objective assessment value to be remarkable, and now, as I use the service myself, as I am always looking for an opportunity to build powerful brands, whether as a consultant or in-house....I have attached my resume, only to show that the power of the work that Peter and Jeanie did with me.

It is so amazing, I may hire myself :-)).

Charles E.

Please find attached my resume as you requested.

I am very passionate for legal support and I am very aware that your company is the greatest company where I can get a lot of experience and career there. I attached my resume and additional details so that you can consider my application.

i attached my resume plz consider it

i attached my resume from the camp plus a few pictures , and since then i improved myself alot .


Kelley Smith completed my resume and I really like the job that she did. You mentioned that you might be able to assist with next steps in a career
search. Would you be available to discuss this with me sometime on Tuesday, next week?

Let me know. I attached my new resume, just in case you had not seen it yet.

Best regards,

Ted D.