How to Write an Instructor Resume

This is an ideal resume format for candidates with extensive work experience as an adjunct instructor. On reading the adjunct instructor resume, you will notice work experience and professional achievements have been given prominence in this format. The candidate has refrained from including key skills separately but prefers to combine them with achievements. This is a successful way of drafting a resume as it gives the recruiter a fair idea on how the organization will benefit from the candidate's skills. We believe educational qualifications and reference should be mentioned in resumes. However, those candidates with broad experience as in the given example can afford to skip the details.

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A kindergarten instructor resume is provided below. This resume makes use of an attractive resume writing style, using a font style and bulleting format, different from the conventional one. The resume introduces the career profile of the candidate by mentioning the total experience, key skills and certifications. The candidate succeeds in creating interest and gathering the reader's attention. Qualifications section give information about the course completed, name of university and the year of passing. This experience is recent and relevant and hence is described thoroughly. The previous work experiences are jotted down with one line description of each. The resume conveys the associations the candidate is involved in. Lastly it specifies the activities carried out by the candidate in all these years of working in education industry. This resume belongs to Monique Azree who boasts an experience as an instructor from 1997. The resume is neatly presented giving sufficient attention to important career details. Job seekers are free to refer to this template.

Here are the guidelines to create a Fitness Instructor Resume:

Sample Fitness Instructor Resume:

The College Instructor is responsible for training the new students and not only, for assisting them and support them in establishing and shaping their long term goals and carrier, in helping them develop and complete their knowledge in a certain or several academic fields. He/she has to conduct research, write books, apply and correct tests in order to assess the students understanding levels in certain academic fields and comment with students on certain academic areas. Also he has to provide the teachers assistants with help and guidance when needed and help them improve their teaching skills.