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But that's typical of an intern and a well-suited internship resume highlights things that will show employers what the student can do. Employers searching for interns should look for skills students are learning and classes the students have taken. This will help those doing the hiring understand what types of projects that they can assign to the student, based on what knowledge base they have. Employers need to understand that the knowledge comes from the classroom and while the student might not have "hands-on" experience with any subject they have taken in school, they have textbook skills that can be put into practice with a little guidance. Hence, the creation of internships that are hands-on experiences and enhance a student's learning and knowledge base.

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Show off your brand:A resume is a visual tool that markets who you are, a.k.a. your personal brand, to employers. Include any special programs you're efficient in using or any certifications that pertain to the role you're applying for. This shows you can come on board with an instantly identifiable and valuable skill-set as a contributing team member. Also, rather than broad or categorical interests such as football or singing, use specific details to accurately represent yourself while making yourself sound interesting.

HR Internship Resume Example

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Take time to create a convincing and informative resume for your internship application. You want a solid internship resume that you can adapt and update for future opportunities.

This resume template of a candidate applying for an accounting internship uses a classic resume layout. The name, address and contact information are mentioned at the top of the resume. Two lines separate the header from the rest of the resume. The format used is that of a chronological resume complemented by a summary of qualifications and a list of core skills and knowledge on top. The applicant does a good job a using bold, italics and capital letters to highlight the information on the resume template in a consistent manner. The use of checkmarks in the core skills and knowledge section adds a touch of dynamism to the resume as a whole, making this accounting internship resume template look professional and upbeat. Looking out for a resume that presents your internship details so impressively that it awards you with a full time job? Here is an intern resume for your reference that presents the career profile Sloane T. Hillier. Resume begins with a career objective that describes the ambitions of the candidate. Career summary is absent as the candidate has not had real full time work experience till date. Experience section denotes the internship and workshop details. It highlights the knowledge gained and the abilities developed at work. For an intern resume, qualifications are more important than experience. Hence, education qualifications are described in detail with course name and university name. Further, it presents the honors and accolades achieved during the course. Also it represents the extracurricular activities that the candidate was engaged in during his learning days. At the end, computer skills denote the competence of candidate in using computers and work related software.