Loss Prevention Resume Writing Tips

10) Recommend improvements in loss prevention programs, staffing, scheduling, or training.

11) Hire or supervise loss-prevention staff.

12) Review loss-prevention exception reports and cash discrepancies to ensure adherence to guidelines.

13) Provide recommendations and solutions in crisis situations such as workplace violence, protests, and demonstrations.

14) Maintain databases such as bad check logs, reports on multiple offenders, and alarm activation lists.

15) Verify correct use and maintenance of physical security systems, such as closed-circuit television, merchandise tags, and burglar alarms.

16) Train loss prevention staff, retail managers, or store employees on loss control and prevention measures.

17) Perform or direct inventory investigations in response to shrink results outside of acceptable ranges.

18) Coordinate theft and fraud investigations involving career criminals or organized group activities.

19) Direct loss prevention audit programs including target store audits, maintenance audits, safety audits, or electronic article surveillance (EAS) audits.

20) Develop and maintain partnerships with federal, state, or local law enforcement agencies or members of the retail loss prevention community.

21) Coordinate or conduct internal investigations of problems such as employee theft and violations of corporate loss prevention policies.

22) Assess security needs across locations to ensure proper deployment of loss prevention resources, such as staff and technology.

23) Analyze retail data to identify current or emerging trends in theft or fraud.

24) Advise retail managers on compliance with applicable codes, laws, regulations, or standards.

25) Monitor compliance to operational, safety, or inventory control procedures, including physical security standards.

26) Identify potential for loss and develop strategies to eliminate it.

27) Administer systems and programs to reduce loss, maintain inventory control, or increase safety.

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In your Loss Prevention Resume, draw attention on your skills in monitoring the loss prevention and scarcity control programs for your prospective employer. Likewise, emphasize on your capacity to meeting or exceeding the goals by means of investigations, training connected with associates and approaching shortage related difficulties.