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Candidates must note that while drafting their mail clerk resume, they must shortlist and prioritize the credentials in such a way that resume does not exceed average length (2-3 pages for candidates with experience, 1-2 pages for fresher). For more information, please refer to the mail clerk resume example given below.

Mail Clerk Resume, Sample Mail Clerk Resumes

Mail clerk resume sample, required by professionals who handle daily operations at the mail office, is helpful in presenting the candidature for the job openings in the mail office, which are related to operations and administrative profiles.

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The position as Mail Clerk holds certain responsibilities such as managing and handling the mails coming to the company. All the correspondences in any physical form usually come to desk of this job first before they go to the person or department in purpose. The person who works as a Mail Clerk is responsible in handling with some important documents concerning the company. Knowledge in mailing and shipping policies is needed sometimes in this line of job. In some companies, this position also needs to have physical strength to lift packages.