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But before you download a free Word resume template found at the Office website, keep in mind that hundreds – if not thousands – of other people have downloaded these same Microsoft resume templates too. So your resume could end up looking just like many others that cross the recruiter's desk... and that's NOT a good thing... assuming your goal is to stand out.

[51+ Microsoft Word Resume Templates]

Microsoft Word resume templates can be helpful in crafting your next resume, but a Microsoft resume template MUST be customized if it is going to stand out from all the other resumes made from a free Word resume template.

Microsoft Word Resume Template - How to Make A Resume

You can follow the links below to find the various Microsoft resume templates we've developed in various formats:

Useful Tip: Using the Microsoft Word Resume Templates tool, and downladable blank resumes can be utilized to help your writing process. Here you will find different templates used for functional, chronological, entry level, creative, general, sales, and blank resumes.