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An effective way to showcase your key qualifications is to include a statement at the top of the first page. On your Monster resume, use the Objective section to relay your top qualifications. The remainder of the resume should back up the statements made in your summary.

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As a warning, prices will lean on the high side in comparison to most local resume writers you will find. While you can hire someone to write a resume for under a third of the price listed on Monster, most resume writers are not backed by big corporation guarantees, nor do they offer some of the same specialized services (e.g., the ASCII, or keyword resume; and Social Media Ready, or social networking site resume).

What better way to go about it than Monster Resume Highlighter!

What would the resume of nursing pioneer Florence Nightingale look like? See what Monster’s Resume Expert put together.

After filling in the pre-populated metadata fields I also uploaded the Word .doc version of my full resume (which Monster parses to match potential job opportunities). If Monster treated my resume the way book retailers treat metadata it would look like this: