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It is difficult to predict how many Applicant Tracking systems can actually read PDF documents but, historically, Applicant Tracking Systems have had trouble reading PDF documents so why risk it? Additionally, with the majority of businesses having PCs and likely MS Office, with the most popular resume format being a Word .doc file (also historically), it seems one should place their bet on the Word .doc file over the PDF for this reason as well. It is highly unlikely that a PC doesn't have Adobe Reader installed but again, we know the majority of businesses use PCs and are less likely to have trouble reading a Word .doc. Of course, in creative industries (such as Graphic Design), it is more likely to not have a PC.

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The chronological resume is often mistaken for the reverse chronological resume that lists job experience starting with your most recent position and ending with your first job. For this reason, most employers prefer the format, which becomes the most popular resume format.

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#2: Chronological Format   Most popular resume format followed in India   Can be used for freshers as well as experienced; 5