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Have you ever heard of a music resume? Well actually all types of career paths, job domains and work expertise can be attached to the word ‘resume’. Of course if we will attach the word music to a resume, then we will have a music resume. However there are no actual modifications in the writing format of a no matter what the topic scope may be. In this case, a music resume can be used by someone who will try to get a job in the music industry. The same parts and segments of a resume will always be required. So what are the parts of a resume in music?

Obviously, you want to put your contact information on your music resume:

During the interview, Yoseob discussed his extensive musical resume. His upcoming project, Cinderella, will be his sixth time portraying a character on stage. "It's my sixth, but I feel the same determination as if this were my first time," he said. "Responsibility is required because it's a big stage and you are not the only actor. "

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